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Eugene Skeef’s Udu Project is a global initiative inspired by the udu, the beautiful ceramic drum created by the Igbo women of Nigeria. Read the inspirational story of how the project was born and has been developing… more
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"Hey Eugene,
Thank you so much for the udu! I have been playing it every spare moment! I have really started to enjoy learning to lead from both my right hand and then my left - I am relearning everything onto my left hand. It is a very therapeutic instrument, you can play it for hours on end."

Kit Downes, renowned UK jazz pianist and composer
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"I truly felt that you were performing just for me this morning and it was just what I needed. I closed my eyes, sat back and just listened. Keep it flowing my dear, people go to doctors and get prescriptions but you my dear are a natural doctor in that your music is medicine. Love you and your family lots and one day everyone will know about your treatment."

Sharan Sandhu
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